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If you are a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant you are sure to play dirty with the Xrm.Page object model. The client side model of Dynamics CRM is gaining strength with each release and with more and more functions added to the kitty, it becomes really hard for the developers to keep stock of everything new that is there.

To worsen that we have to remember all the exact API names to perform a desired operation. With all these hassles, ever wondered if there was something in visual studio so that when you write client code for Dynamics CRM, you just type some keywords and Visual Studio puts out the entire function block for you.

Well you wished for it and there you have it.  Go to downloads section and just import the snippets into your visual studio. And you are done.

Now open any javascript file in visual studio and start typing CRM keyword and you would find host of shortcut snippets to work. Just TAB out on the desired snippet and you are done.

Happy and easy coding.


image                                  image




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